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5EBuild HelpGrave Domain Cleric for AL. I assume by Background you mean the actual list of backgrounds the PHB and other books provide and not just the general background.

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What do yall think of this starting build.

Grave domain cleric 5e. Grave Cleric 5E Guide Attributes Tips Builds and More. See our Grave Cleric 5E Guide. Grave Clerics are concerned with the balance between life and death.

The answer at least in 5e is no not at all. Grave clerics get a couple offensive abilities with their Channel Divinity and bonus cantrip damage at level 8. Deities of this domain were aware of the fundamental importance of death and the afterlife and regarded the undead as abominations.

Archived 5EBuild HelpGrave Domain Cleric for AL. But thats probably not what you came here to hear. You can use a holy symbol as a spellcasting focus for your cleric spells.

Maximize the Grave Domain Clerics Wisdom. While the Death Cleric is based on debuffs and damage the Grave Cleric occupies a role more focused on balance and manipulation of Life and Death. Wisdom is the dominant stat for all Cleric abilities meaning it determines their spell-casting modifier and spell save DC.

The word option when you look at the definition in the dictionary means you have a choice or in this instance heres another choice for playing a cleric. Twinned Toll the Dead is downright Awesome for many lvls and there are few basic abilities from Grave IMO that can touch it. These clerics are focused on protecting the concept of life a natural demise and the destruction of undead.

As such they are primarily spellcasters with a profound hatred of. Ive read the Grave Domain and it seems fine but the Death Domain seems better at lower levels and equal at higher. They are especially strong against undead.

Guardian guide and sometimes an escort to death the grave cleric represents the afterlife death and undeath. Released simultaneously with the Forge Domain the Grave Domain came out in Xanathars Guide to Everything. Grave Domain Cleric - V Human.

The grave domain is a spellcasting-focused Cleric build that grants you a selection of healing damaging and debuff spells. Grave Domain Spells Cleric Level Spells 1st Starting at 6th level you gain the ability to bane false life 3rd gentle repose ray of enfeeblement 5th revivify vampiric touch 7th suffers a critical hit you can blight death ward 9th antilife shell raise dead Bonus Proficiency When you choose this domain at 1st level you. Forgotten Realms Arabic Faer├╗npedia German Wiki Reinos Olvidados Spanish Wiki dos Reinos Esquecidos Portuguese Faerun Wiki Polish Forgotten Realms Finnish.

So with the only information youve given being that you. But the cleric spell list is wide enough that you. Gods of the grave watch over the line between life and death.

The end result is a mix of offensive and healing abilities. Ensuring that a Grave Domain Cleric starts out with the highest WIS points. To desecrate the peace of the dead is an abomination.

The Grave Domain Cleric. False Life and Revivify are both useful and fit well within the theme. It also bolsters necessary skills that rely on Wisdom Checks like Medicine Insight and Perception.

So I like the flavor of the Grave Domain and my first AL game is Thursday so Im prepping now. An excellent selection of spells youre going to get a lot of use out of. Deities of the grave include Kelemvor Wee Jas the ancestral spirits of the Undying Court Hades Anubis and Osiris.

At 1st level you choose a domain shaped by your choice of Deity and the gifts they grant you. The Grave Domains Clerics worship the gods of death and detest any force that attempts to manipulate it. This subclass gets some interesting abilities.

The life makes a great healbot which you really dont need in 5e grave can do incredible things has a domain spell list with all kinds of fun toys on it. Thus their abilities and spells are based on buffing allies returning the dead to life and dealing some damage. We discuss the next subclass in the series from Xanathers Guide to Everything.

Its not the most powerful Cleric domain but its quite versatile. The Grave domain was a deity domain pertaining to the line between life and death. Grave Domain 5e.

The short answer is. Grave Domain XGE Theme. They have unique abilities to keep allies healed to hunt undead make enemies become vulnerable to.

These clerics make excellent support characters and can be offensive while still working to keep their party afloat. Posted by 3 years ago. However Id consider them more defensive in nature with their ability to negate critical hit damage level 6 and their domain spells like bane ray of enfeeblement and revivify.

The death domain Xanathars Guide to Everything on page 19 explains. Answer 1 of 8. Honestly regardless of which is the better healer grave will probably be both more fun more versatile.

I recently posted a thread here and on reddit about the Death Domain and the prevailing opinion was that I should go Grave Domain. There is a useful spell at every level. Therefore clerics of this domain were concerned with ensuring peace for the dead and comfort for the dying as well as delaying death for those that still had great accomplishments.

You can cast a cleric spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and you have the spell prepared. Clerics who want to deal just as much damage as they heal can refer to this guide to the ten best Cleric weapons in DD 5e. To these deities death and the afterlife are a foundational part of the multiverse.

Lightning is a perfect weapon for Clerics under the Tempest Domain.

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